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As experts on historic structures and the challenges that accompany them, H inc’s team knows how to get the best performance out of a building. H Inc. works to find unique projects that will add value to a community. Looking at all facets of a project from construction to design, H Inc.’s team consider each aspect carefully to ensure the best results possible. Learn more about H Inc.’s current properties: Residential, Commercial


H Inc. specializes in the adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of historic architecture. H Inc. works to create spaces that add value to a community and benefit tenants. With a niche in developing historically respectful spaces in urban areas, H Inc approaches every project with a keen sense of how a space will benefit a community through cooperating with local, state and federal incentive programs. H Inc. looks to partner with investors that share the same vision of preserving great historical landmarks for future generations, in a fresh new way.

Urban Development

H Inc. is driven to create one-of-a-kind spaces that have a large impact on the communities in which they’re located. Community improvement and the rehabilitation of historic spaces helps to create pride and build strong ties in an area. Smart land-use by reinvesting in urban spaces, pursuing sustainable, green initiatives and preserving historical architecture are the fundamental goals of H Inc. H Inc. is looking for investors who aim to better the community as a whole and move Lansing and the surrounding areas forward.