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H Inc.’s management system is simple and responsive. As experts on historic structures and the challenges that accompany them, H Inc.’s team knows how to get the best performance out of a building. H Inc. works to find and retain quality tenants that respect and value the spaces they create. Learn more about H Inc.’s properties


H Inc. specializes in the adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of historic architecture. H Inc. works to create spaces that add value to a community and benefit tenants. With a niche in developing historically respectful spaces in urban areas, H Inc. approaches every project with a keen sense of how a space will benefit a community through cooperating with local, state and federal incentive programs.

Urban Development

H Inc. is driven to create one-of-a-kind spaces that have a large impact on the communities in which they’re located. Community improvement and the rehabilitation of historic spaces helps to create pride and build strong ties in an area. Smart land-use by reinvesting in urban spaces, pursuing sustainable, green initiatives and preserving historical architecture are the fundamental goals of H Inc.

H Inc. Leaders


Harry H. Hepler – President and Founder

With more than thirty years of experience in real estate and construction, Hepler has developed a lifelong passion for rehabilitating urban areas and historic buildings. In 1989, Hepler acquired his first commercial property that still proudly stands today in Lansing: The JI Case Threshing Company Building. Since then, Hepler has taken on countless projects, constantly creating new and innovative designs. As a forerunner in his field, Hepler brings a wealth of experience to every H Inc. project he takes on including finance, construction management restaurant development, interior/exterior building design and more.


Stephen K. Purchase Vice President

After living in one of H Inc.’s signature properties, Motor Wheel Lofts, Stephen K. Purchase caught the bug for historic, adaptive-reuse development and joined the H Inc. team in 2009. Aside from a passion for repurposing historic buildings, Purchase brings a wide range of knowledge to the table, including experience in government, public relations and organization management. As Vice President of H Inc., Purchase is responsible for day-to-day operations, property management, marketing, tenant relations and finance. In the past five years, Purchase has overseen the successful execution of finance packages of more than $30 million.


1989 – H Inc. redeveloped their very first property, 113 Pere Marquette, into a loft apartment.

1992  619 East Michigan Ave. was redeveloped in Lansing’s Downtown community. This project was one of H. Inc.’s first commercial and loft renovations.

1994 – H Inc. continued working with commercial spaces, redeveloping 603 East Michigan Ave. Also, in partnership with Clark Construction, H. Inc. began developing the 113 Pere Marquette Building into the Blue Coyote Brewing Co.

1996 – H Inc. purchased and began development on the Prudden Motor Wheel Building, located on 725 East Saginaw St. in downtown Lansing. The project was a collaborative effort made possible by the City of Lansing, the Department of Transportation and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

 1998 – The commercial rehabilitation of the Prudden Motor Wheel Building, Phase I, commenced under the management of H Inc. Also in association with 212 East Grand River LLC, H Inc. purchased Lansing’s oldest manufacturing facility, then known as the Race St. Mill.

 2000 – Commercial rehabilitation of the Prudden Motor Wheel building, Phase II, was completed.

 2001 – The Blue Coyote Brewing Company was dissolved and 113 Pere Marquette began its redevelopment into what is now Case Lofts.

 2003 – All grant work under the State of Michigan Clean Water and River Front Clean-up Grant was completed at Race Street Mill, now known as 212 East Grand River.

 2006 – The historic rehabilitation of the 1919 Motor Wheel Building wasis completed. The new Motor Wheel Lofts features 119 luxury loft apartments designed with energy efficiency in mind.